Looking for the Perfect Dentist in Harrisonburg, VA?

Dentistry has met the twenty first century with the professionals at the practice of Dr. Scott A. Dunaway, Dr. Marion Messmer and Dr. Beulah Warf at Valley Smile Care. With state of the art equipment and expert trained professionals who not only provide the best in service, but truly appreciate the needs of their patients, you are able to think "Dentist Harrisonburg VA" and your first thought will be of the smiles at Valley Smile Care.

Your experience will begin when you are greeted by the brightest smiles when you walk in the door. The front office staff, dental technicians, dental hygienists and dentists all work together in a perfect symbiosis to create the dental experience which will have you looking forward to your next appointment.

In the business of creating the perfect, most healthy smiles, the professionals at Valley Smile Care truly love what they do. Comprehensive dental care is offered, from consultations to cleanings, from complex dental problems to affordable, efficient solutions, the office is dedicated to making your dental experience positive.

Offering total dentistry services, Valley Smile Care professionals offer general and restorative dentistry, and also offer periodontal and cosmetic dentistry. For those who have had unpleasant experiences with dentistry in the past, cutting edge technology is offered that can put a patient's mind at ease. You will be able to spend less time in the dentist's office, and all of your issues can be dealt with in one office, resulting in less dental visits.

One of the most revolutionary technologies offered is CEREC. CEREC Imaging Technology, Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, allows for faster and more efficient production of crowns, veneers, and other ceramic dental implants. The detailed CEREC software takes a 3-D photograph of your tooth, allowing for restorations to be made instantly from the impressions. The restored tooth is ready in about fifteen minutes. Installation is performed in the office as well, allowing you to continue living without the worry of numerous appointments and professionals.

Most of the time, what may seem like a complex dental problem can be repaired with one dental visit. CEREC technology allows for imaging, production and installation of the tooth within a comfortable, reasonable amount of time. Patients walk out with a smile, which is the priority of the expert professionals at Valley Smile Care.

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