Spring Body Care With Coconut Oil

As winter fades and temperatures start rising, our hearts long to slip into lighter clothes instead of heavy coats and jackets. Our feet yearn for flip-flops instead of boots. But while our spirits seem all eager and welcoming for spring season, our bodies still bear the signs of winter damages in forms of rough patches, dryness, scales and spots. Hence, as spring approaches, you must take care of your body. The best way to do that is through use of coconut oil. Our body parts such as hands, arms, feet and legs and also those areas such as waist and back that remain covered under heavy layers of clothing throughout the cold season are most prone to winter damages as these parts remain hidden most of the times and we don't feel the need to treat them with care. Hence, the outcome is dry, flaky skin that we had overlooked for months.

In order to look fabulous in you spring clothes, it is important to get rid of the dreadful signs that winter season has carved on your body skin. So, to cure your skin of the winter damage, there are various home remedies that can prove helpful. Through this article, we will find out how coconut oil can be used to bid goodbye to winter skin sins.

Here's how you can use coconut oil to get your skin spring ready:

Make Your Body Scrub: You can make a simple yet effective body scrub by mixing coconut oil with sea salt. Coconut oil removes the impurities and dead cells from your skin, ultimately making it supple and clean.

Moisturiser For Hands And Feet: Coconut oil can work like a charm to cure dryness, especially of your hands and feet that face most of the damages. Simply massage your hands and feet with coconut oil and cover them up with gloves and socks respectively before dozing off at night.

Body Moisturiser: Applying coconut oil all over the body is the best way of preparing your skin for spring as coconut oil reduces water loss on severely parched skin and keeps it hydrated.

Use It To Shave: Spring season demands getting rid of legs' hair that had been perfectly hidden under trousers throughout winters. So, to get your legs ready for shorts, try shaving it by using coconut oil as a substitute for expensive shaving creams made of harmful chemicals.

Coconut oil is antimicrobial and its skin soothing properties will leave your legs feeling super hydrated. It is also a great after shave lotion and can treat those razor burns effectively.

Solve Beauty Issues

 Coconut oil is a versatile oil that serves as a significant base for various beauty solutions. Be it your struggles with lustreless and lifeless hair, parched skin or even those dreadful acne eruptions, coconut oil can treat all your beauty issues.

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